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He looks cute, but don't underestimate his determination to chew. (Source)

Reputation is important to floral designers. The best are known for their innovation and artistic prowess, like other artists. However, these reputations never quite develop into real fame, since their work is so restricted by the media involved. Floral designers compose their art with, well, flowers. Their work is incredibly perishable, so people won't be admiring it centuries from now. After it's served its intended purpose, it's discarded, which is a nice way of saying thrown into the trash. 

Very special arrangements, like wedding bouquets, might be dried and saved, but even then they're going to be put in a special box on a high shelf where the puppy can't get to it.

Local fame is within reach, but national fame is simply not part of this work. Unless, as mentioned earlier, you're lucky enough to work on a float for a nationally televised parade. If your mother were up that early, she would be so proud.