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Odds of Getting In

Landing a job as a floral designer may take considerable work because such jobs so rarely become available. Those who have these jobs do not give them up easily – they will fight stem and thorn to keep what they have. The jobs in florist shops that have the most turnover are those that have little or nothing to do with with floral design, such as driving delivery vans to weddings, funerals and other fancy events. It may seem lowly, but it’s a start, and does not pay any less. Just remember… the first three letters in funeral spell “FUN!”

What may start out as making part-time deliveries may give way to include part-time work around the shop… which may later become a full-time job with part-time driving... and eventually, a new driver may need to be hired so that you can be a full-time floral designer. And to think that two years ago you couldn’t even drive a stick shift.