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Floral design can be some of the least stressful work out there. What stress there is comes from running the business, keeping products and materials coming and going smoothly, and the strong personalities of others in the workplace. Because floral designers are artists, they really don't like to have their handiwork questioned, so that can cause some problems now and then.

As soon as you put these inside, you can forget all about them. (Source)

Nasty customers aren't as common here as they are in other retail businesses, perhaps because people buying flowers tend to be either happy about something or grieving, with not much in between. Therefore, when everything runs smoothly, and all the floral designers are given their space, the work can be more than fun. It can even be relaxing. 

There are rare occasions (or not so rare, in some studios) when floral designers need to work late or early to get a particular job done, but most work is done on a regular schedule. Unlike many other horticultural occupations, this one is more of a job and less of a lifestyle. It doesn't infringe too much on one's personal life.

It would be hard to find a floral designer who doesn't enjoy his or her work. But we're sure they're out there somewhere, angrily cutting the heads off a bouquet of tulips.