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Bell Curve


Just-Licensed Agent. Commission: $12,000 

You've lost your clients in a large, dilapidated house. They were right behind you a second ago and now have completely disappeared. Two days later they're found in a hole in the basement. You've lost their business (obviously) and no one trusts you with their property again.


Trusted Agent. Commission: $40,000 

During an agent-only open house, you see the same rival agent you've seen at the last five single-family-home open houses. You know he's sold four of them. You whip out your phone—to call your therapist. Competition makes you really anxious.


Brand New Broker. Commission: $75,000 

You've steadily increased your sales for the past couple of years. You decide to open your own company. That'll teach Bossman Brad not to give you a bigger cut. You want a better office, but your garage will do for now.


Experienced Broker. Commission: $90,000 

You're managing ten real estate agents. They're all selling expensive single-family homes. Life is great, and you might be in the market for a larger home in a year.


Broker to the Rich and Famous. Commission: $120,000+ 

You've sold a ten million dollar home in Silicon Valley. Your take on the sale: too much for polite conversation. Now you're in a position to buy a dream home yourself, rather than just selling them. Well, at least you know where to find a decent agent: in the mirror.