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Real Estate Broker

Physical Danger

You could wind up dead. Similar odds to being eaten by a shark on a scuba trip to see lots of fat seals on the coast but still…there's a little risk here.

Believe it or not, real estate brokers actually have dangerous jobs. They meet with complete strangers in empty houses. Some of these homes have been foreclosed or abandoned. Also, people looking to pick up a sweet deal may want to look at a house in an unstable neighborhood. In fact, there have been over a hundred deaths in the real estate industry since 2008. The leasing occupation and real estate field sees around 75 deaths a year. Why the violence? Because of the unhealthy housing market and recession, real estate brokers are showing properties in rough areas. They are also showing more houses than usual to try to make a sale. Likewise, many "distressed" properties have squatters, abandoned pets, and angry former owners.

To keep real estate brokers and agents safe, companies are requiring potential buyers to meet at their office before looking at a property. In addition, real estate companies are also requiring a photocopy of a buyer's identification before showing a property. If you go into this field, always let someone know when you are meeting a client for the first time. Also, call the police if you have a bad feeling about a buyer.

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