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You could get your own reality show! The Million Dollar Listing follows real estate agents and brokers as they show people high-end properties in Los Angeles and New York. So how do you get your own reality show? You get a famous clientele. How do you get famous clientele? You live in a metropolitan city, network like crazy, sell multi-million dollar properties, eat brunch at popular eateries, treat your assistants poorly, and kiss up to the rich and famous. If you carry a small dog in your bag, you are well on your way.

It's also important when becoming famous to develop a clever catch phrase. Josh Flagg, who is on The Million Dollar Listing, uses "I don't just sell houses, I sell a lifestyle." Try one of these catchphrases and see if it feels right.

"I don't just sell houses, I give you a reason to live."

"Houses are like blouses, everyone's got one."

"I go for broker."

"Hold my dog Kiki."

Be sure to deliver the catchphrase everywhere. You want clients, the media, your agent and housekeeper to understand that this is your phrase.