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Odds of Hanging On

The odds of hanging on are good as long as the economy doesn’t go into the toilet. The real estate market crash from 2007 to 2010 was one of the most destructive financial collapses in history. It caused millions of people to lose their homes. Today, the real estate market it on an upswing. Rising interests rates sink the real estate market. Currently, interests rates very low. They are around 3.5% compared to the 8% that they were in previous years. The real estate forecast looks good. People have started ponying up again to buy a house. Many are making financial investments by buying a single-family house and renting it out to the large pool of folks who lost their homes in the crash. Talk about a pool you don’t want to dip your toe into. Real estate brokers have a good chance of hanging on, but like anything else there is no guarantee, especially in the world of finance.

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