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Real Estate Broker


The real estate field is an emotional roller coaster. You can be on top of the world after selling a multi-million dollar home one day and the next day sit at an empty Open House. It's hard not to get emotionally and personally invested in real estate deals. A lot of things can go wrong before the dotted line is signed on an agreement.

Sellers can take their property off the market, a buyer can leave your real estate company, an agent can screw up a deal, or the buyer and seller can never reach an agreement on price. Oftentimes, a deal can go south regardless of whether you did anything wrong. Likewise, the normal stuff like stiff competition, a fluctuating real estate market, and complex transactions can push anyone right to the brink. How to cope? Yoga, mantras, punching pillows, long silent walks in the park, and hiring an assistant can help.

It's important to understand that this career is a lot like being a gambler. You've put your whole life on the table and hope that no one at the table is bluffing. While stressful, it can be immensely rewarding when you sell a property or one of your agents closes a big deal. You can take this quote from Buddha to heart, "Chaos is inherent in all compounded things. Strive on with diligence."

Or just, "Buy low; sell high."

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