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by Laurence Yep

Dragonwings Quotes

Find the perfect quote to float your boat. Shmoop breaks down key quotations from Dragonwings.

Friendship Quotes

There were groceries and herbal shops, clothing shops and laundries, halls that housed the brotherhoods or the district associations or the offices of family clans. Uncle pointed out the building o...

Family Quotes

I spoke [Mother's] name into it, and all of a sudden I heard your mother singing a lullaby to you as you gradually stopped crying. You must have just been born, for I as yet had had no news of your...

The Home Quotes

[Father's] letters were certainly warm enough, filled with his worries about us and his longing to be back home. But a man cannot be a father in a letter. (1.33)

Dreams, Hopes, and Plans Quotes

It will go on after me, for this Company is an idea. It is a dream – a dream that is much older than you or I and only slightly younger than the world: Men must help one another in dangerous...

Race Quotes

There was reason to worry, too, for just a few years ago, the demons had broken their own laws and turned away over twenty thousand of their former guests who had expected to be readmitted. This fi...

Foreignness and 'The Other' Quotes

It is much trickier to deal with a demon of the Middle Kingdom than an American devil, because you always know that the American devil means you harm. (1.35)

The Supernatural Quotes

There are some dragons that delight in harming other creatures, even their own kin. But the Dragon King himself is by and large a good creature who rules over all reptiles and the animals who live...

Fear Quotes

I was afraid of the Golden Mountain, and yet my father, who lived there, wanted me to join him. I only knew that there was a certain rightness in life – the feeling you got when you did somet...

Principles Quotes

"But the demons will beat Moon Shadow," Mother protested. "They don't do that so much anymore." Hand Clap carefully wiped his sticky fingers on his tunic sleeve. "And they wouldn't do it to a child...

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