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by Dorothy Parker

Resume Resources


Everything you need to know about becoming Dot

OK, so this site isn't exactly a critical scholarly site, but it's a great way to figure out how to live like a Modern Woman (a 1920s Modern Woman, that is).

...and the Real Stuff

The Modern American Poetry site from the University of Illinois offers several critics' views of  "Resume." It's worth a read.


A brief biography of Parker from the good people at the Academy of American Poets.

Movie and Film Productions

Mrs. Parker and the Vicious Circle (1994)

If learning about Dorothy Parker's wild ways wasn't enough of a sell, this movie features Jennifer Jason Leigh, the darling of the '90s. It's two blasts from the past all rolled into one.

Dash and Lilly (1999)

Bebe Neuwirth (otherwise known as Lilith from Cheers) makes a cameo appearance as the sharp-talking Parker in a movie about Hollywood's Golden Age.  


Creepy Animation of "Resume"

Sure, Dorothy Parker lived well before video became popular. But that doesn't mean that weirdoes can't animate her pictures.

Angelina Jolie at her Finest

What Girl Interrupted wouldn't want to take on Dorothy Parker as an idol? 


Check Out These Eyes!

Dorothy Parker seems to have perfected the intense stare into the distance.


Dot's Collected Works

A collection of short stories by Parker, as well as her complete poems.

Dot's New York

Want to know how Dorothy Parker lived? Check out this book.

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