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Song of Solomon

Song of Solomon


by Toni Morrison

Song of Solomon Quotes

Find the perfect quote to float your boat. Shmoop breaks down key quotations from Song of Solomon.

Identity Quotes

Milkman stood before his mirror and glanced, in the low light of the wall lamp, at his reflection. He was, as usual, unimpressed with what he saw. He had a fine enough face. Eyes women complimented...

Love Quotes

Her steady beam of love was unsettling, and she had never dropped those expressions of affection that had been so loveable in her childhood. (1.1.23)

Race Quotes

They wondered if one of those things that racial-uplift groups were always organizing was taking place. (1.1.7)

Visions of America Quotes

In 1936 there were very few among them who lived as well as Macon Dead. (1.2.32)

The Home Quotes

That propertied Negro who handled his business so well and who lived in the big house on Not Doctor Street had a sister who had a daughter but no husband, and that daughter had a daughter but no hu...

The Supernatural Quotes

Scattered here and there, his houses stretched up beyond him like squat ghosts with hooded eyes. He didn’t like to look at them in this light. During the day they were reassuring to see; now...

Women and Femininity Quotes

And the one person who dared to but didn’t care to was the one person in the world he hated more than his wife in spite of the fact that she was his sister. (1.1.17)

Man and the Natural World Quotes

"So when we left Circe’s big house we didn’t have no place to go, so we just walked around and lived in them woods. Farm country. […] We were lost then. And talking about dark! Yo...

Exploration Quotes

They alone had a sense of adventure and were flagrant in their enjoyment of the automobile’s plushness. Each had a window to herself and commanded an unobstructed view of the summer day flyin...

Memory and the Past Quotes

"I don’t know who and I don’t know why. I just know what I’m telling you: what, when, and where." (1.2.42)

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