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Song of Solomon

Song of Solomon


by Toni Morrison

Song of Solomon Resources


I’ll Fly Away

A site about spirituals. Morrison has said spirituals are about flight.

Populated by Ghosts

Toni Morrison being interviewed on NPR in 2004.

Her Own Voice

Toni Morrison reading from some of her books.

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As he lopes down the street.

Bobcat in a tree

Milkman’s curiosity was titillated by the myth.

Danville, PA

Welcome to Danville!

The Blue Ridge Mountains

When in Rome, you go bobcat hunting.

Toni Morrison

Her Princeton mugshot.


Talking With Ghosts

"Dead letter office: conspiracy, trauma, and Song of Solomon’s posthumous communication", African American Review, Winter, 2003, by Michael Rothberg.

Sense of Place in Solomon

"The South in Toni Morrison’s Song of Solomon: Initiation, healing, and home", Studies in the Literary Imagination, Fall 1998, by Catherine Carr Lee

"The Magic Begins with the Naming"

New York Times review of Song of Solomon in 1977

Wide Slow Wings

Review in the New York Times of Song of Solomon by Duke literature professor Reynolds Price


It is the Language that Drinks Blood

Listen to a clip from Morrison’s 1993 Nobel Prize speech.

Song of Songs

Visit this site for a collection of translations and other iterations of Song of Songs, including an illustrated manuscript from a twelfth-century Bible.

The Song Itself

Song of Songs, King James version of the Bible.

Interpreting the Songs

Interpretation of the most mysterious book of the Bible.

Keys to the Songs

Gives a good discussion of the last book of the Old Testament.

More on the Song of Songs

A study guide for the Song of Songs from a professor at Washington State University.

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