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Surface Area and Volume

Surface Area and Volume

The 3D Coordinate System Examples

Example 1

Draw a cylinder in the 3D coordinate plane with a radius of 3 units, a height of 7 units, and the center of one of its circular bases at (3, 3, 0).

Example 2

Find the distance between points J (1, 7, -4) and K (7, 2, -10).

Example 3

You're flying a Pikachu kite while standing at the point (0, 0, 0). The kite is at the point (9, 8, 12) when it runs out of string. If one unit is equal to 22.6 inches, how long is the string?

Example 4

Find the center and radius of a sphere with a diameter whose endpoints are at (2, -3, 7) and (6, 4, 3).