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Celebrity Personal Assistant

Physical Danger

Why do you even have one of these? (Source)

Heart palpitations and stress-induced brain aneurysms aside, there aren't a lot of hazards in this line of work. Sure, if you have one of the bosses who is more prone to anger, you may have to dodge the occasional telephone being thrown in your direction. 

But if you're a good personal assistant, you'll also have a decent reaction time and be fairly quick on your feet.

While there's nothing specifically in your job description to worry about, you'll be moving around almost constantly, so you'll be more at risk of something bad happening than someone sitting in an office eight hours a day. 

You'll have errands all over the city (usually New York or Los Angeles) and that means driving everywhere. Long-distance travel means a lot of planes, and when you get there, having to maneuver your way through throngs of pushing, shoving fans could conceivably result in injury.

Believe us, there's nothing worse than a crazed fan who's so obsessed with your boss that they see you as an obstacle to a hug rather than an actual human being.