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Typical Day

Charlie Chattel is up at 5:20AM. Not because he had his alarm set, but because his employer—Hollywood star (and three-time Daytime Emmy nominee) Marlon Mahoney—is calling him with a "request" to run over to his house and make sure he didn't leave the oven on. Marlon's in town, but he's over at the beach house today.

We're just kidding; L.A. traffic is always bad. (Source)

Charlie leaps out of bed, throws on some clothes, and is at Marlon's place within fifteen minutes. This early on a Sunday is about the only time the traffic isn't bad on the Los Angeles freeways.

He unlocks the large glass door and calmly walks into the kitchen. The oven is not on; Charlie's in the middle of texting Marlon to let him know, when the star of stage and screen (but mostly daytime television) himself comes rolling into the driveway. As he walks inside, the gorgeous celebrity says he decided it was time to start his day since he was awake already. He sends Charlie out to fetch him breakfast with a vague order of "eggs and bacon or yogurt or a bagel or something." Marlon has too much on his mind to really go into specifics.

When Charlie returns at 6:15AM and Marlon realizes that there are green peppers on his breakfast bagel, he throws a fit and sends Charlie back out to get one without them.

Never mind that Marlon has never before disliked green peppers—in fact, he often requests them specifically—but apparently he isn't in the mood for them this morning and feels Charlie should have picked up on that.

Once back with the correct breakfast at 6:45AM, Marlon points at a stack of fan letters for Charlie to screen. Charlie spends the next hour or so sorting through dozens of letters, mailing back signed photos to those who requested them, discarding a few of the crazier requests (no, Marlon will not be sending you any hair, sorry), and setting aside just a couple that he believes his boss may actually be willing to read.

Marlon has to be on the set of his Lifetime movie I Never Danced for Mama in a couple hours, so Charlie's next order of business is to help him get ready to start his day. He helps him pick out his clothes while they run the day's lines, and makes sure Marlon walks out of the house at 9:30AM looking like the movie star he wishes he was.

He's just grateful he wasn't asked to Q-Tip Marlon's ears this morning. Those aren't the proudest days at work.

Once Marlon is on set and is distracted by his work, Charlie takes the opportunity to head off and do a few errands. Thankfully Marlon likes to be left in studio hands when he's working (it makes him feel a little more pampered), so Charlie uses the time to do some of the life maintenance the star probably forgets he pays for, like getting the car washed and having the computer fixed.

Plus, Charlie really hates eating craft services for lunch. The crew always stares at him like he didn't earn that plate of poorly seasoned chicken and stale rice.

Back on set as Marlon wraps at 4:00PM, Charlie grabs the bags and walks him back to the car. As he drops his boss back by the house, Charlie asks if it's okay for him to cut out early to make dinner plans with his girlfriend Sandra. Marlon tells him it's cool, go have fun, he'll see him tomorrow for the production meeting.

Can you wrap that up for me? My celebrity needs me. (Source)

Unfortunately, Marlon's generous mood doesn't last long. At 5:35PM, just as Charlie and Sandra are sitting down to a romantic dinner at his favorite restaurant, his phone rings. His girlfriend half-heartedly jokes that he shouldn't answer, but she knows it's a lost cause. It's his job to respond at all hours of the day, no matter what it may be interrupting.

Marlon is having a minor freak out about his life, his career, and what all of it means. Charlie knows this as the typical Wednesday evening meltdown. He should have known better than to have planned an impromptu dinner tonight—it was already on the calendar. He kisses Sandra goodbye and tells her he'll see her after he brings the star back down to Earth.

On the way, he stops for chocolates. Regardless of the issue, Marlon always responds well to chocolates.