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Spa Manager

Physical Danger

Cootie alert, cootie alert! Consider all those massage tables, foot spas, and sauna rooms. What if they weren't disinfected regularly, and weren't even cleaned that well between clients? You've got an invisible universe of bacteria and fungi just waiting for a good home. If you donate some time to the daily cleaning detail, and you have even a small cut or skin wound, you've just given a free ride to Mr. Cootie and all his buddies. Best to let your staff handle it. You don't really like to clean, anyway, right?

Now let's get to the physical dangers that can literally knock you on your booty. Chances are your spa offers body wraps marinated in olive oil, chocolate, honey, and other scrumptious-sounding substances. While clients love to get slathered up and wrapped in one of these fragrant cocoons, the wrap marinades can create a sticky, slimy mess. If your spa technician doesn't thoroughly mop up the debris, the next person in the room (you!) may experience a spectacular fall worthy of a YouTube viral video. Also consider that you might be allergic to one of the wrap marinades. Imagine how attractive you'll look to the spa's clients: sneezing, wheezing, and choking as they arrive for their relaxing spa experience.