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by Joseph Heller

Catch-22: What the Heller’s Going On Here? Quiz

Think you’ve got your head wrapped around Catch-22? Put your knowledge to the test. Good luck — the Stickman is counting on you!
Q. What does John Yossarian’s job as a bombardier entail?

Keeping the barracks stocked with ammunition
Aiming and releasing bombs
Scouting ahead for signs of an approaching enemy
Bombarding his commanding officer with a constant stream of annoying questions
Q. Of what is Yossarian convinced?

That everyone is trying to kill him
That he knows what really happened at the end of the series finale of The Sopranos
That the Colonel is a spy
That his long-lost brother is still alive
Q. What literary device does Joseph Heller use continually throughout the book?

The complete omission of punctuation in order to disorient and confuse the reader
Q. What battle gets a lot of page time?

The Great Big Siege of Bologna
The Truly Awful Ambush at Vicenza
The Brutally Bloody Battle of Bolzano
The Mildly Awkward Skirmish at Novara
Q. What is the actual name of one of the characters in the book?

Colonel Colonel Colonel Colonel
Sergeant Sergeant Sergeant Sergeant
Major Major Major Major
Corporal P.J. Williamton Stuffingsburg, Jr.
Q. Aside from being a mess officer in Yossarian’s squadron, what else is Milo Minderbinder?

A woman
A war profiteer
A secret agent
One of the co-founders of Wendy’s
Q. What does Aarfy do to Michaela?

Tickles her uncontrollably until she cries "uncle"
Hires her as his maid
Proposes to her
Murders her
Q. Who stabs Yossarian?

Nately’s whore
Nately’s whore’s kid sister
Nately’s whore’s kid sister’s next-door neighbor’s paper boy’s former college roommate
Q. Why is Snowden cold?

He had spent an entire night sleeping on the ground without a blanket
A chunk of flak had ripped through him, spilling his guts
He and his squadron were unable to get a fire started
He had decided to take a trip to Chicago in January - what did he expect?
Q. What is Yossarian’s eventual fate?

He is killed in his sleep by his best friend
He escapes from the military
He discovers that he is a ghost, and was actually killed in battle three years earlier
He becomes World Table Tennis Champion, then buys a shrimp boat