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The Crucible

The Crucible


by Arthur Miller

The Crucible Characters

Meet the Cast

John Proctor

Proctor's Problem(s)Meet John. (Hi, John!) He cheats on his wife, he can't remember the entire ten commandments even though he goes to church pretty much every week, he's more stubborn than a mule,...

Abigail Williams

Chillin Like a Villain(ess)Sometimes literature throws us a bone in the form of a really awesome antagonist. Someone we hate... but find totally magnetic. Someone who chills us to the core... but w...

Elizabeth Proctor

Goody Proctor (And We Mean Goody)Elizabeth is good. She's moral. She's upright. She's composed. And she's also colder than Salem, Massachusetts, in early February.In a neat literary twist, Elizabet...

Reverend Parris

He's Such a Snake that He Should Live in SlytherinParris is a wormy little character. If Abigail is a magnetic, Saruman-like villain, Parris is more like Wormtongue. There is nothing we like about...

Mary Warren

Less Spine Than A SlugMary is a likable enough character, but ultimately proves herself to be a total weenie. She's one of the girls who was caught in the forest with Abigail, dancing and conjuring...

Reverend John Hale

A Personal Journey That Would Make Ulysses Jealous Talk about a character arc. Hale starts out with a Van Helsing-esque vendetta (against witches, not vampires) and ends up a broken, cynical man.Wi...


Tituba, the Reverend Parris’s slave, is a woman from Barbados who practices what the Puritans view as “black magic.” Of course, she mainly does this because the conniving Abigail manipulates...

Giles Corey

Giles Corey is a strong old man who has only recently converted to Christianity. He's likable, but is not too bright. His biggest bumble in the play is when brings up the fact that his wife reads s...

Betty Parris

Betty, Reverend Parris’s daughter, falls sick after the girls are caught dancing in the forest and conjuring spirits. Though her sickness is feigned, it spurs on the witchcraft rumors and ope...

Deputy Governor Danforth

Deputy Governor Danforth oversees the witchcraft trials in Salem, as well as in other parts of Massachusetts. He likes to think of himself as fair-minded, so it disturbs and angers him to discover...

Thomas Putnam

Thomas Putnam is a greedy man who urges Reverend Parris to be strong and face up to the witchcraft in their midst. He uses his daughter to accuse people whose property he covets. Miller, and most h...

Mrs. Ann Putnam

To be fair, Mrs. Putnam might not mean any harm—she just wants to find out why her babies have been dying, and she’s sad and angry about it.

Rebecca Nurse

Rebecca is a pillar of the community, a devoutly religious woman in her seventies. When she is accused of witchcraft, it makes the Reverend Hale pause and reconsider whether the proceedings are jus...

Francis Nurse

Francis Nurse is a good man and a good husband who has the courage to stand up to the court and say that the judge and governor have been deceived.

Ezekiel Cheever

Cheever is appointed by the court to arrest those accused of witchcraft. He is purely obedient to what he is told to do and doesn’t seem to consider whether he’s part of a false and unj...

Marshal Herrick

We don't know much about Marshal Herrick, except that he's a marshal and his name is Herrick. He does show some kindness to Sarah Good by giving her a swig of his hard cider not long before she's a...

Judge Hathorne

The judge presiding over the Salem witch trials along with Deputy Governor Danforth.

Mercy Lewis

Mercy is the Putnams’s servant and Abigail’s most faithful friend. Mercy is with Abigail throughout the court proceedings, and the two of them run away from the village together when things sta...

Susanna Walcott

Susanna is one of the girls under Abigail’s spell (pun intended). She joins in condemning various villagers as witches.

Sarah Good

Sarah is a mentally unstable homeless lady whom Abigail accuses of witchcraft. Like the slave Tituba, she's an easy target because she is on one of the bottom rungs of society.

Martha Corey

Martha Corey is accused of witchcraft after her husband, Giles, states that she reads strange books and that her reading keeps him from praying. When she is arrested, her husband regrets talking ab...


Hopkins appears briefly in Act IV as the jailer, but he doesn’t have a speaking part.
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