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Henry IV Part 1

Henry IV Part 1


by William Shakespeare

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Henry IV Part 1 Quotes

Find the perfect quote to float your boat. Shmoop breaks down key quotations from Henry IV Part 1.

Principles Quotes

The Earl of Douglas is discomfited: Ten thousand bold Scots, two and twenty knights, Balk'd in their own blood did Sir Walter see On Holmedon's plains. Of prisoners, Hotspur took Mordake the Earl o...

Power Quotes

Our house, my sovereign liege, little deserves The scourge of greatness to be used on it; And that same greatness too which our own hands Have holp to make so portly. (1.3.1)

Warfare Quotes

So shaken as we are, so wan with care, Find we a time for frighted peace to pant, And breathe short-winded accents of new broils To be commenced in strands afar remote. (1.1.1)

Family Quotes

No more the thirsty entrance of this soil Shall daub her lips with her own children's blood; Nor more shall trenching war channel her fields, Nor bruise her flowerets with the armed hoofs Of hostil...

Art and Culture Quotes

Yet herein will I imitate the sun (1.2.29)

Rules and Order Quotes

What think you, coz, Of this young Percy's pride? the prisoners, Which he in this adventure hath surprised, To his own use he keeps; and sends me word, I shall have none but Mordake Earl of Fife. (...

Gender Quotes

[…] the noble Mortimer, Leading the men of Herefordshire to fight Against the irregular and wild Glendower, Was by the rude hands of that Welshman taken, A thousand of his people butchered; U...

Language and Communication Quotes

Nay, I will; that's flat: He said he would not ransom Mortimer; Forbad my tongue to speak of Mortimer; But I will find him when he lies asleep, And in his ear I'll holla 'Mortimer!' Nay, I'll have...

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