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by Toni Morrison

Sula Quotes

Find the perfect quote to float your boat. Shmoop breaks down key quotations from Sula.

Friendship Quotes

The trip, perhaps, or her new found me-ness, gave her the strength to cultivate a friend in spite of her mother (1920.74).

Loyalty Quotes

After five years of a sad and disgruntled marriage BoyBoy took off. During the time they were together he was very much preoccupied with other women and not home much. (1921.5)

Betrayal Quotes

Then he leaned forward and whispered into the ear of the woman in the green dress. She was still for a moment and then threw her head back and laughed. (1921.18)

Suffering Quotes

He fought a rising hysteria that was not merely anxiety to free his aching feet; his very life depended on the release of the knots. Suddenly, without raising his eyelids, he began to cry. (1919.17)

Pride Quotes

She lost only one battle – the pronunciation of her name. The people in the Bottom refused to call her Helene. They called her Helen Wright and left it at that. (1919.6)

Compassion and Forgiveness Quotes

Among the tenants in that big old house were the children Eva took in. Operating on a private scheme of preference and prejudice, she sent off for children she had seen from the balcony or whose ci...

Sex Quotes

They moved toward the ice-cream parlor like tightrope walkers, as thrilled by the possibility of a slip as by the maintenance of tension and balance. (1922.5)

Choices Quotes

It was not death or dying that frightened him, but the unexpectedness of both. In sorting it all out, he hit on the notion that if one day a year were devoted to it, everybody could get it out of t...

Gender Quotes

Because each had discovered years before that they were neither white nor male, and that all freedom and triumph was forbidden to them, they had to set about creating something else. (1922.8)

Race Quotes

Her glance moved beyond the white man's face to the passengers seated behind him. Four or five black faces were watching, two belonging to soldiers still in their shit-colored uniforms and peaked c...

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