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Fences Race Quotes

How we cite our quotes: Citations follow this format: (Act.Scene.Line)

Quote #7

Troy: "A Negro go in there and can't get no kind of service. I seen a white fellow come in there and order a bowl of stew. Pope picked all the meat out the pot for him." (1.2.19)

You hear tales of racial inequality at restaurants all the time. Many of the early sit-ins were in protest of segregated lunch counters. What's interesting here is that Troy is accusing an African American, Pope, of discriminating against members of his own ethnicity.

Quote #8

Troy: "Got that boy...that Puerto Rican boy...Clemente. Don't even half-play him. . . ."
Cory: "He gets lots of chances to play." (1.3.58-1.3.59)

Troy tries to argue that baseball is still racially segregated. However, his arguments seem more and more flimsy in this interchange with Cory. It seems like times have changed a lot more than Troy is ready to admit.

Quote #9

Troy: "The white man ain't gonna let you get nowhere with that football noway." (1.3.78)

Troy refuses to see that things have changed since his hopes for a pro-sports career were destroyed. Though racial discrimination is still a huge problem in America during the '50s, things have gotten more equal, especially in the world of sports. Troy, however, is too stubborn and bitter to admit there's been some progress.

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