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The Two Gentlemen of Verona

The Two Gentlemen of Verona

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The Two Gentlemen of Verona Characters

Meet the Cast


Proteus is a young nobleman from Verona. He's supposed to be Valentine's best friend and Julia's sweetie, but after he falls for Valentine's girlfriend, he stabs his BFF in the back and tries to ra...


The most important thing to know about Valentine is that he is Proteus's BFF. At least we're pretty sure that's what Valentine would want us to say. (If you haven't already read our analysis of Pro...


Julia is a young noblewoman from Verona. In the play, she disguises herself as a boy and follows her boyfriend, Proteus, to Milan, where she catches him trying to hook up with another woman.Julia a...


Silvia is the spirited daughter of the Duke of Milan and Valentine's girlfriend. When she falls in love with Valentine, she rebels against her father's wishes and makes plans to elope. Silvia is so...


Speed is Valentine's clownish servant. He's got a quick wit and a habit of bagging on other characters in a way that reveals how foolish people can be. Check out what Speed says after Valentine bra...


Lance ("Launce" in some editions of the play) is Proteus's servant. When Proteus is sent to Milan, Lance is forced to go along. He's reluctant to leave his beloved dog, Crab, behind and somehow man...


We thought you might come sniffing around here for an analysis of Lance's dog, Crab. We talk about him in "Symbols," which is where you should head now if you want to know what we think of him.

Duke of Milan

The Duke of Milan is Silvia's ridiculously over protective father. Seriously. He's the kind of guy who locks up his daughter at night so she can't sneak out: "I nightly lodge her in an upper tower,...


Thurio is a nobleman at the Duke's court in Milan. He's the Duke's favorite to marry Silvia, which makes him a rival to Valentine. Thurio is kind of arrogant and annoying, so he's not much competit...


Lucetta is Julia's woman in waiting. She functions as a kind of sounding board for Julia, who confides in Lucetta and asks her for advice about romance and love: JULIABut say, Lucetta, now we are a...


Panthino is Antonio's sensible servant. Like Lucetta, Panthino acts as a sounding board and dispenser of advice to his master, Antonio. In Act 1, Scene 3, Panthino advises Antonio to send Proteus a...


Eglamour is a gentleman at the Duke's court in Milan. We don't hear much from Eglamour, but Silvia describes him as "Valiant, wise, remorseful, well accomplish'd" (4.3.3). Because he knows a thing...


Antonio is a Veronese nobleman and the father of Proteus. In the play, he decides to send his son to travel abroad (to Milan) so that Proteus will have a well-rounded education:I have consider'd we...
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