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Hop on Pop Images

How It All Goes Down

Here you have it, folks: the drawing the whole book gets its name from. Notice how furry, soft, and round all the characters all. A perfect belly for hop-hop-hopping upon.

Tall, Small, Aren’t Y’all?
A splotch of green is all the background this illustration needs to get its point across. That point? Tall folk are on the left, smaller folk on the right.

Poor Pat
Pat gets a helpful hint here, and it perfectly shows how the illustrations and words go hand in hand to create this unique experience.

Minimal Minstrel
This background is arguably the most detailed one you’ll find in Hop on Pop, showing just how strong Seuss’s devotion to minimalism was.

The Motion Picture Event
It’s not a summer blockbuster. It’s the simple lines behind the bee that help grant this drawing a sense of motion.

One-Stop Shop
Motion lines, minimal backgrounds, and cute, playful creatures combine to demonstrate Seuss at his most masterful in one single drawing.

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