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Ready Player One

Ready Player One


Ernest Cline

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Dreams, Hopes, and Plans Quotes in Ready Player One

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Quote #1

A new subculture was born, composed of the millions of people who now devoted every free moment of their lives to searching for Halliday's egg. (0.40)

A lot of people are banking their futures on a contest with odds in line with winning Publisher's Clearing House. Why hitch your dreams to such a rare wagon? Couldn't these people busy themselves making their real world better? Wouldn't that be a better dream to pursue?

Quote #2

My only plan after graduation was to become a full-time gunter. (2.12)

What would he have done if the egg were found by someone else? Unlike his idols, like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, who dropped out of school and became technology gods, this plan has a serious flaw in it, in that its success is dependent on the creations of others.

Quote #3

The kid who won [the Earthworld contest] melted [the prize] down to pay for college. (3.75)

Sometimes you have to realize that your dreams aren't practical and alter them accordingly. This kid did the same thing, using a big videogame win as a stepping zone to something bigger.

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