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Our Philosophy

Shmoop is a labor of love from people who love to teach. PH.D. and masters students from top universities (including Stanford, U.C. Berkeley, Harvard, and Yale) have spent sleepless nights dreaming up Shmoop.

From ELA to STEM, we love Literature, History, Math, Science, and everything in-between. We help you use today's technology and culture to bring these subjects to life for students.

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"Shmoop impresses me because it is intentionally about learning, and the joy of learning, not just about passing courses and jumping through educational hoops."

-Paul Hamilton, teacher and edu blogger

  • Supplement in-classroom learning with fun, engaging, and relatable learning materials that bring subjects to life.
  • Use relevant and current points of reference to help students see how inspiring and useful these subjects are to their daily lives.
  • Bring multiple points-of-view to light on each subject. There's rarely one correct interpretation.
  • Insist on original and critical thought.
  • Use a conversational writing tone (not your typical textbook writing!) to make topics approachable and accessible.
  • Convince students "why they should care" about each topic we cover.
  • Engage students in a conversation and ask tough questions that don't have easy answers.
  • Help students and teachers harness the Internet and discover the best multimedia materials on every subject we cover.