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FRA Americanism Essay Contest

Website: http://www.fra.org/fra/Web/Events_and_Programs/7_12th_Grade_Essay_Contest/Web/Content/Essay_Contest.aspx?hkey=707c4b42-2eb8-4992-9d57-31b8bd14c68a

Who's Eligible: Students in grades 7-12

Award Amount: Up to $5,000

Due Date: December 1


Every summer the FRA National Committee on Americanism-Patriotism creates one theme centered around the concept of America and hands out scholarships to students who can write about it. Each grade is judged separately—never fear, middle schoolers, your work will not be pitted against 12th grade essays—and younger students are encouraged to apply. Unlike most of the other awards in this database, this contest is open to younger as well as older students. Apply this year and you could get a jump on paying for college.

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