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College 101

The Associate's Degree
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Let us introduce you to our associate. The Associate’s Degree.

The Associate’s Degree enjoys finishing in two years, saving you from astronomical College Costs, while still preparing you for a particular career. Like what you see? Get to know the Associate’s Degree more at a Community College near you.

Seriously though, what’s an Associate’s Degree, and will potential employers look down on you if you have one?

To start off with, an Associate’s Degree is a two-year degree earned from a community or technical college. Keep in mind that the two-year rule is a general rule. Just like four-year colleges, some people take a little more or a little less time to finish their degrees.

An Associate’s Degree will normally include some general education courses (like English Composition and basic Math such as Algebra). Once you get those out of the way, the course of study is pretty much designed to train you in a specific career or at least a career area.

On to question number two. What kinds of careers are we talking about here?

Most Associate’s Degrees can be grouped into six categories of careers. These are: Medical Services, Business, Data Processing, Public Service, Mechanics and Engineering, and Natural Sciences. If you want to get more specific, check out Shmoop’s Community College Careers. For now, know that some of the most popular careers Associate’s Degree grads enter include Computer Programming, Early Childhood Education, Dental Assistance, Engineering Technician, and Registered Nursing.

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