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College 101

Biggest Myths
Article Type: Quick and Dirty

The Legend of the Big Cram…Learning Everything from High School to Pass the GED

So, for whatever reason, you didn’t finish high school, and now you are thinking about taking the GED. That’s a great thing, but perhaps there’s something holding you back? Is it the Legend of the Big Cram? Are you under the impression that you will have to learn all of the content from a four-year high school in order to pass the GED? Think again. The GED does test on some content, but it is also a skill, logic and reasoning test. This means that if you are able to problem solve, you may be able to pass the GED.

The Myth of Same Same…But Different

Earning a GED is the same as earning a high-school diploma, right? Well, no. Not really, anyway. Passing the GED earns you the equivalency of a high-school diploma, but not a diploma. And while equivalency should mean equal, it doesn’t always. Some universities and employers openly admit they would favor a candidate with a diploma over one with a GED. And for every person who openly admits it, there are probably lots more hidden under the cupboards (get it, like cockroaches?)

The Legend of the Online GED

Shmoop has traced this legend back to its original two sources. The first comes from the fact that there are tons of practice resources online for taking the GED. The second is that you have the option of taking the GED using paper and pencil format or…on a computer. However, in this case, on a computer does not mean online. Currently, the only way to take the GED is at an official testing center.

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