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College 101

Find Your Perfect Gap Year Experience
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There are too many gap year programs and experiences to list. So how can you go about finding the perfect experience for you?

Simple. You need to first figure out what you want out of your Gap year (and what you don’t). What are some of the possibilities? Tons. Try this. Rank the following in order of importance to you:

  1. Cultural Connections
  2. Second Language Development
  3. Work Experience
  4. Volunteering/Giving Back to Communities
  5. Experiences in Nature
  6. Money
  7. Travel
  8. Resume Building
  9. Physical Challenge
  10. Coursework or Certifications
"We’ve also estimated the number of stars in the night sky. We’re going with 15."


Figured out what’s important to you? Great, now check this out for a zillion* programs and find one that meets what you’re looking for. *Disclaimer: We didn’t actually count, a zillion is an estimate.

Here's a basic less-than-a-zillion list we compiled if you wanted somewhere to start.

  1. Thinking Beyond Borders
  2. CIEE
  3. Adventures Cross Country
  4. International School for Earth Studies
  5. Amigos de las Américas
  6. Seamester
  7. Youth for Understanding
  8. United Planet
  9. Art History Abroad
  10. Carpe Diem Education
  11. Outward Bound
  12. The Leap
  13. Visit Oz
  14. Oxford Advanced Studies Program
  15. National Outdoor Leadership School
  16. International Volunteer HQ

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