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College 101

What is Community College?
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What the heck is this Community College thing all about? And is Community College the same as Junior College?

Don't worry — we're here to make everything clear for you and understand what everything means. The term Junior College began a long, long time ago, and actually referred to the fact that the schools were connected to four-year colleges or universities but were simply scaled-down, two-year versions. These schools were designed at first to serve as an extension of high school and prepare students for their final two years of college.

Times have changed. The term Junior College is on its way out, as is the idea that attending one is simply a remedial way to get ready for a four-year college. Most schools now refer to themselves as Community Colleges, and offer Associate’s degrees which prepare students for professional, vocational, and technical careers.

The option of using a Community College as a path to a four-year degree still exists and remains a smart choice for students wishing to save some money, have an easier transition from high school, or raise their GPA in order to transfer to a more competitive college or university.

Community Colleges serve different members of the community. The traditional two-year student typically goes to a Community College to transfer to a four-year college or to obtain their Associate's Degree and enter the workforce directly afterwards. Some people who are already in the workforce take community college classes for their own personal development or extra training for their current jobs.

So fear not. Take a look at Fight Club: Community College v. Four-Year College for more details on if Community College is right for you.

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