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College 101

Are You Really Sure?
Article Type: Quick and Dirty

Listen, it’s time to get serious here. If you dropped out of high school a long time ago and want to take the GED to better your chances, that’s great. If, however, you’re still in high school and are considering dropping out and taking the GED instead, be sure to consider this:

-Yes, many colleges and employers say they look at a GED as the equivalent to a high school diploma. Remember, though, that these are people, not robots, considering your application. When they see a GED, a red flag is going to pop up (no matter how much they deny it) that says you didn’t stick with high school long enough to earn a diploma.

-We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: the GED is hard. It’s designed so that almost half of graduating seniors will not pass it. Willing to take that chance? Take a look around the car you’re in with three of your buddies. Just about two of you can’t pass the GED.

-If you are considering dropping out, think about how much time you have already invested in high school. Think what you went through freshman year and how much better it is now. If you’re a junior or senior, you’re almost there.  A year, heck even two years, is nothing in a lifetime. Sticking with it just a bit longer will earn you a diploma. If you aren’t a junior or senior, how old are you? Do you think you’re ready to face the real world at 15 or 16 years old?

Keep on keeping on? OK, we needed to be certain you were committed to this whole GED idea.

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