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Checklist: Steps to Get Into Community College
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There are tons of entrance requirements and procedures among community colleges. This checklist represents a comprehensive list of them. In other words, if the community college you are considering wanted to make your life as complicated as possible, here’s what they’d ask you to do.

  Decide what type of student you will be. You can enroll as a full-time or part-time student, and may need to apply as such. Keep in mind that many financial aid awards require you to maintain a certain number of credit hours.

  Figure out the application or registration deadline. Don’t wait until the last minute to turn it in. Nobody likes to make rush decisions, so don’t force your potential school to dislike you before they even meet you.

  Request official transcripts from your high school or college.

  Be prepared to provide proof of income or funds to pay for the classes. Some community colleges check that you can pay before you play.

  Take the SAT or ACT and submit your scores. Not all community colleges require standardized test scores, but many do. Check your specific college for testing requirements.

  Fill out the application. How else will they know you want to attend?

  Be prepared to show proof of state residency status. Lots of schools charge lower tuition for residents.

  Take placement exams. Some courses with prerequisites require that you show your smarts before you register.

  Participate in an orientation. Why wouldn’t you want to be orientated? Or is it oriented?

  Register for classes. Be sure to register early, as popular classes may fill up fast. You don’t want to be stuck with Biscuit Making 101. Or maybe you do.

  If you plan to attend community college and eventually transfer to a four-year college, be sure to check with both schools to ensure that credits will transfer and that you are covering core requirements.

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