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College 101

Are You Sure?
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Taking one test and getting high school out of the way may sound like a dream to you right about now.  No more lunchroom drama, A lot of famous people have felt the same way.  We just want to be sure you’ve considered all the implications of taking the GED before you plunge right in.

-Yes, most colleges and employers will look at your GED as the equivalent of a high school diploma. Note that we used the word “most” meaning some won’t. In fact, some universities (and the military for that matter) have higher admissions requirements for GED test-takers than high school grads. This may not seem fair but if you’ve been through middle school and even a portion of traditional high school, you already know that life is not fair. You’re going to have to GED over it because here comes more that isn’t fair…

"Caption: Popular hangout for dropouts."


-While GED holders will likely earn more than high-school dropouts, average salary is less than that for those who earned a diploma. Ouch.

-The GED is designed so that 40% of graduating high school seniors will not pass it. (Is that a scary thought? It should be.) Did you pay attention in school? Feel confident you’re in the other 60%?

Still planning on taking the GED? Great, we admire your determination. We just wanted to lay it all out for you.

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