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College 101

Biggest Myths
Article Type: Quick and Dirty

The Myth of Money…or Lack of

This is a myth folks in the vocational world might prefer we kept believing…that you can’t make very good money in a vocation.  Not true. Median salaries for vocations range from 45 to 75 thousand bucks a year. Know what median means? Average. This means lots of folks earn well below this number. But it also means that lots of folks earn well above this average. Hint: you want to belong to the second group.

The Myth of the Degree-Less Vocation

Think that vocational training means you can’t earn a degree? Think again. Vocational training is a broad term for any education or experience that leads you to be skilled in a particular craft or career. Sure, sometimes that training may be an apprenticeship with a shipbuilder. No degree there, but it sure sounds cool. But just as often, the training for a career may require a two-year Associate’s degree or a four-year Bachelor’s degree. Check out Quick and Dirty: Vocational Training for more details on how to pursue a Vocational degree.

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