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College 101

Biggest Myths
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The Legend of the Gap Year…Waiting Is Always a Good Thing

There are loads of potential benefits to taking a structured year between high school and college: increased maturity, skill development, and a world perspective to list just a few of them. But the danger of believing the legend that waiting to enroll is always a good thing lies in the pitfalls. There is a very real possibility that taking time off from academics will mean that you never get back on track. In the throes of your Gap Year experience, you may feel like you are earning enough money or having enough of a good time to put off college just a little bit longer. Ten years later…

The Myth of the Bad Choice…Taking a GAP Year Means You Are Behind

It’s called a GAP Year for a reason – because it can take a year. Does this mean that you are a year behind your peers who entered college right after high school? Well, yes. That is, if you are talking about time only. The reality is, that taking a structured GAP Year designed to develop much-needed skills and maturity, actually can put you ahead of the pack in terms of your chances for college success.

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