A Farewell to Arms
A Farewell to Arms
by Ernest Hemingway
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A Farewell to Arms Women and Femininity Quotes Page 2

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Quote #4

"But watch out you don’t get her in trouble. You get her in trouble and I’ll kill you." (17.25)

Helen Ferguson thinks of being pregnant as being in trouble. She sounds like what we might expect a father or a brother to sound like. Later, when Frederic comes to Stresa after leaving the retreat, she sounds more like what we expect a mother to sound like when she cries about Frederic and Catherine not being married.

Quote #5

"Don’t talk as though you had to make an honest woman out of me. I’m a very honest woman" (18.39)

Once again Catherine suggests that marriage as an institution is an empty shell, that it can’t turn her into something she isn’t already.

Quote #6

"What’s the matter, darling?"

"I never felt like a whore before." (23.143)

This is probably the first time Catherine and Frederic have sex together outside of his hospital bed. Part of why she feels like a whore is because she knows that not just any hotel would let them get a room for a few hours, married or not. When they have sex in the hospital it seems like part of her nursing duties in a way, and therefore acceptable.

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