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Great Expectations

Great Expectations


by Charles Dickens

Great Expectations Chapter 45 Summary

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  • After receiving Wemmick's warning, Pip immediately goes to the nearest roach motel where he spends a sleepless night. Gross.
  • Pip wakes up the next morning and goes straight to Wemmick's castle. He helps toast the Aged's sausage while Wemmick tells him why he had left such a cryptic message for him.
  • Apparently, Pip's apartment was being watched and maybe even searched.
  • Wemmick had Magwitch moved to Clara's house by the water so that Herbert might still be able to communicate between Pip and his benefactor.
  • Wemmick tells Pip to be really, really careful from now on and to not hang out with Magwitch anymore. He tells Pip to hold onto the "portable property."
  • Is Compeyson in town? Yep.
  • Pip is stressed, but he falls asleep by the fire, and then he spends the day with the Aged, napping and being cozy. They have pork loin for dinner.
  • Oh, Dickens. You always make us hungry.
READ THE BOOK: Chapter 45

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