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Great Expectations

Great Expectations


by Charles Dickens

Great Expectations Chapter 50 Summary

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  • Pip's left arm was burnt to a crisp, and his right arm is a little toasty as well.
  • Herbert visits and helps him dress his wounds and change his bandages.
  • While Pip was away, Herbert says that Magwitch told a story. This is Magwitch's story:
  • Back in the day he had been married to a crazy lady who, upon becoming jealous of another woman, killed the woman and who threatened to kill her own little girl (who Magwitch loved).
  • Afraid of being sent to jail or worse for being the cause of a child's death, Magwitch never went to the authorities or pursued his wife. Compeyson knew this story and used it to blackmail Magwitch into submission.
  • This ends Magwitch's story.
  • Pip nearly spits jellybeans. It looks like Miss High-and-Mighty doesn't have a lot to gloat about now.
READ THE BOOK: Chapter 50

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