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Great Expectations

Great Expectations


by Charles Dickens

Great Expectations Resources


A Portrait of Charles Dickens

Dickens as a boy in the blacking factory, as imagined by an illustrator from 1904.

Worst Summer Job Ever

The label of the boot-blacking product whose factory Dickens worked in at age 12.

Together At Last

The happy ending version of Pip and Estella's relationship.

Black and White and Great All Over

The title page of the 3-volume edition.

Picture Book

Unlike most of Dickens's novels, Great Expectations didn't come with illustrations originally—but they did come along later. Here's the whole list.


Great Expectations Audiobook SPONSORED

All those words making you tired? Here's an audio version from Random House.

Dickens on Screen

In an interview with National Public Radio, American novelist John Irving talks about Dickens's influence on him, and how Dickens would have been a great screenwriter.


Dickens Camp

All the Dickens you could want. Ever. This website is run by the Dickens Project at UC Santa Cruz.

Where in the World is Pip?

Find out in this map of Dickens's London.


Can't keep the characters straight? Here's a comprehensive resource, if Shmoop isn't enough for you.

Time, Time, Time

Learn more about the events in Dickens's life with this neat-o timeline.

Movie or TV Productions

Shhh, Satis House is Sleeping

This 1917 production is as silent as the grave.

Impress Your Friends

This 1922 version is straight from Scandinavia. Apparently, "Store Forventninger" is Finnish for "Great Expectations."

Household Names

… of the 1930s. This 1934 adaptation stars Phillips Holmes as Pip and Jane Wyatt as Estella.

Do You Like Oscars?

Because this 1946 adaptation won two of them.


In 1975, someone had the brilliant idea to make Great Expectations into a musical—and then remove all the songs. Bummer!

Philip Pirrip and the Prisoner of Satis House

This 1998 production stars Ethan Hawke as Pip and Gwyneth Paltrow as Estella—and was directed by Alfonso Cuarón, who was also responsible for Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

MasterClass Theater

You can count on Masterpiece Theater for class, and this 1999 production has it.

Born for the Part

Helena Bonham Carter plays Miss Havisham in this 2012 adaptation. Seriously, it's like Dickens wrote the part for her.


They Liked It!

Here's an original review of Great Expectations—pretty cool!

Life and Times

Dickens had 10 children and a mistress. Check out more tasty tidbits in this Atlantic Monthly article.

Soul Mates

Here's an article from Psychology Today that asks if pursuing ideal love does more harm than good. We're pretty sure we'd know what Dickens would say… we think.


Hollywood Ending

If you've got a spare two hours, check out the entire 1946 adaptation.

Oh, Ethan

Everyone's favorite Gen-X heartthrob does it up as a tortured Pip in this trailer for the 1998 production.

I Want to Believe

Gillian Anderson creeps us out as Miss Havisham in this trailer for the BBC One production.


Here's the trailer for the 2012 version with Helena Bonham Carter.

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