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The Three Musketeers

The Three Musketeers


by Alexandre Dumas

 Table of Contents

The Three Musketeers Themes

The Three Musketeers Themes


The primary friendship featured in The Three Musketeers is between four young gentlemen devoted to the King. Their friendship allows them to combine forces and defeat evil powers that might otherwi...


Love takes an intensely idealized romantic form in The Three Musketeers as the heroes typically fall in love at first sight with a beautiful woman. Beautiful women in the novel are meant to be wors...


In the world of The Three Musketeers, gentlemen are typically very proud and do not take insults lightly. A casual misunderstanding frequently results in a duel; in order to preserve their pride me...

Society and Class

The characters in this novel come from a number of different class backgrounds ranging from servant to king, but nobody disputes their place in the social hierarchy. Rather, they all understand the...


As mentioned earlier, revenge is one of the engines propelling the novel forward. Whether insults are real or perceived, characters take immediate steps to redress the issue. No one in The Three Mu...


Ambition in The Three Musketeers is circumscribed by a character’s position on the social ladder. The characters as a whole, however, are quite an ambitious bunch. Thus the moments when they...


In The Three Musketeers, life is given a very casual treatment. It’s definitely not a good thing when someone dies, but the survivors sure don’t spend much time crying about it. Glory,...


Loyalty in The Three Musketeers is rarely earned and always blindly absolute. It is also a highly respected and coveted quality. Loyalty is a prized currency in the world of The Three Musketeers, w...

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