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The Three Musketeers

The Three Musketeers


by Alexandre Dumas

 Table of Contents

The Three Musketeers Characters

Meet the Cast


The young hero of the story, D’Artagnan begins the novel as a rather penniless boy from Gascony coming to Paris to make his fortune. After a few false starts, we learn that he’s great w...


Also known as the Comte de la Fère, Athos is older and wiser than the other men in the group. He is extremely distinguished in just about every field – falconry, sword fighting, Latin, a...


When we first meet Porthos he’s dressed to kill: he’s wearing a baldric made of gold. We soon discover, however, that this baldric is a one-sided affair. It does not extend around Porth...


While Porthos brags about his prowess with the ladies, Aramis actually has the prowess, but he keeps his mouth very closed about it. One of his ladies in particular is a very high-up noblewoman who...

Cardinal Richelieu

Cardinal Richelieu is the country’s top statesman. He knows it, everybody else knows it, and even the King knows it. Unfortunately it’s still not enough to get him the girl! Queen Anne...


She has various aliases – Charlotte Backson, the Comtesse de la Fère, Anne de Breuil, but her most frequent epithets throughout the book are "tigress," "demon," "panther," "lioness," and...

The King

Also known as King Louis XIII. Although an important political figure in France, we don’t see much of the King in the novel. While Cardinal Richelieu oversees the Kingdom, the King pays atten...

The Queen

Also known as Queen Anne of Austria. She’s got the Duke of Buckingham and Cardinal Richelieu sending men into war for her, but the Queen doesn’t have any real power or influence. She do...

Duke of Buckingham

There are many Dukes of Buckingham in history; the one in The Three Musketeers is George Villiers. He is an actual historical figure who was assassinated by John Felton before he could send aid to...

Madame Bonacieux

Also known as Constance Bonacieux, Madame Bonacieux spends the entire book doing one of the following: being abducted, about to be abducted, about to be freed, or becoming best friends with the wom...

Monsieur de Tréville

Technically commander of the King’s Musketeers, Tréville also serves as a surrogate father figure for the soldiers. For D’Artagnan, Tréville is both role model and mentor sinc...

John Felton

The novel’s depiction of John Felton is fairly accurate. Felton was a Puritan and a lieutenant in the English army who stabbed the Duke of Buckingham to death on August 23, 1628. In the novel...

Lord de Winter

A powerful English noble and Milady’s brother-in-law, Lord de Winter earns the respect of the Musketeers for his gentlemanly ways and his doggedness at bringing Milady to justice. Of all char...

Man from Meung

Also known as the Comte de Rochefort. D’Artagnan first encounters him at Meung; D’Artagnan was visibly upset when Rochefort insulted his yellow horse. Although he too is an agent of the...

Monsieur Bonacieux

Monsieur Bonacieux is over twice his wife’s age. He is also cowardly, stingy, selfish, and basically betrays his wife in exchange for the Cardinal’s good favor. No wonder Constance fell...


As D’Artagnan’s lackey, Planchet demonstrates his loyalty to his master on many occasions. Planchet is both highly intelligent and very brave.


Athos’s lackey. He has been trained to communicate with his master only through gestures, and speaks very rarely in the novel. Athos prizes his discretion. When Grimaud does speak, Athos typi...


Porthos’s lackey. Like his master, he is very strong and loves the finer things in life. We learn that his greatest dream is to stand on the back of a gilded carriage. He achieves this dream...


Aramis’s lackey. His greatest desire is for his master to become a man of the church. Bazin reflects Aramis’s interests as he is very learned and also devout.

Madame de Chevreuse

Athos’s mistress and the Queen’s best friend. Although we never see this woman, she plays a pivotal role as the intermediary between the Musketeers and the Queen. Her friendship with th...

Madame Coquenard

Porthos’s mistress. Although he boasts that she is a beautiful duchess and a great lady, in actuality she is the old and ugly wife of a lawyer. She has money, however, and that’s all th...

Comte de Wardes

An agent of the Cardinal. He is almost able to stop D’Artagnan from traveling to England and getting the studs, but D’Artagnan wounds him three times in a swordfight. D’Artagnan t...


The Comte de Wardes’s lackey.


Milady’s maid who falls in love with D’Artagnan. Kitty is manipulated by D’Artagnan as he uses her to gain access to Milady’s private conversations correspondence.


The Queen’s cloak bearer and Madame Bonacieux’s godfather. He is one of the Queen’s few devoted servants whom the Cardinal hasn’t been able to banish.


Commander of the Guards, a military unit used as a stepping-stone to get into the Musketeers. Dessessart is Tréville’s brother-in-law.

D’Artagnan the Elder

D’Artagnan’s father who sends his son off to Paris with fifteen crowns, an ugly yellow pony, and advice.
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