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Because of Winn-Dixie

Because of Winn-Dixie


by Kate DiCamillo

Because of Winn-Dixie Chapter 19 Summary

  • The next day, Opal gives Otis a lozenge. He starts to cry when he eats it, because it makes him think of jail.
  • Poor guy. Opal's curiosity gets the best of her, and asks Otis why he was in jail. Otis doesn't really want to talk about it, but he promises that he's not dangerous.
  • Okay, okay, he'll tell her: he used to play guitar on the street, because he likes having an audience. Yeah, well, he didn't have a permit, so the police asked him to stop. He didn't.
  • Out came the handcuffs. Otis wasn't too into this, because handcuffs = no playing guitar.
  • Naturally, he hit a cop. Clocked him so hard, he knocked him out. Okay, bad idea, Otis.
  • Off to jail he went, without his guitar, and he had to promise never to play in the street again.
  • Gertrude the Human has a kind heart, and she gave him a job when she found out about him.
  • When Sweetie Pie comes in the shop, Opal gives her a Littmus Lozenge. She spits it out and says it tastes like not having a dog. Hey, even five-year-olds can be melancholy.
  • Opal sweeps for a long time to keep Otis company. She gets to thinking: it seems like everyone is lonely somehow. Ding! She thinks of her mama.

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