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Because of Winn-Dixie

Because of Winn-Dixie


by Kate DiCamillo

Because of Winn-Dixie Chapter 20 Summary

  • Gloria Dump cracks up when she hears about "dangerous" Otis. Then Opal tells her about Carson Wilkinson. No more laughing.
  • Gloria agrees that pretty much everyone in the whole world is lonely.
  • Opal gets back to reading Gone with the Wind, but she can't stop the brain train, chugging along about poor Otis. Boom!
  • Thanks to Miss Scarlett (from Gone with the Wind) and a barbecue she's gearing up for, Opal gets a fantabulous idea: she and Gloria need to plan a party! She'll invite all her friends, and Otis can play guitar for everyone. Brilliant.
  • She convinces Gloria to have the party in her backyard. Gloria will even teach her how to make egg salad.
  • Gloria has one stipulation. Dramatic pause, please. No party unless Opal invites the Dewberry boys. Wait, what? Okay, fine.
  • Opal doesn't like it, but she promises. She starts inviting people.
  • #1: the preacher. He doesn't even realize she's inviting him until she spells it out for him.
  • #2: Miss Franny. She is giddy.
  • Miss Franny tells Opal she should invite Amanda. Okay, whatever.
  • #3: Amanda. She looks nervous but says she would love to come.
  • #4: the Dewberry boys. Stevie mouths off about how he won't go to any witch's party for fear of being cooked for dinner.
  • Dunlap says they will come and smiles at Opal. Aw, how cute.
  • #5: Sweetie Pie. She is ecstatic about a party and insists it needs a theme. After squeezing Winn-Dixie's neck, she says the theme should be dogs.
  • #6: Otis. He says no, he doesn't like parties. Well, phooey. Opal offers to sweep an entire week for free if he'll come. He starts to warm up.
  • She also promises he won't have to talk to anyone but should bring his guitar to, you know, maybe, play some music. Otis says "maybe," but he's smiling when he looks down at his pointy-toed boots.

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