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Because of Winn-Dixie

Because of Winn-Dixie


by Kate DiCamillo

Because of Winn-Dixie Chapter 9 Summary

  • If you're keeping track, the friend count is now up to three. But Winn-Dixie isn't done yet. He helps Opal find yet another friend: Gloria Dump.
  • Here's the story:
  • While Opal is riding her bike home from Gertrude's Pets, she sees Dunlap and Stevie Dewberry, aka Naomi's Bully Patrol.
  • Their heads are menacingly shaved for the summer, and they look like twins, even though Dunlap is ten and Stevie is nine.
  • The evil duo follows her, and Winn-Dixie starts running ahead.
  • Dunlap warns her to watch out, because Winn-Dixie is running straight to a witch's house.
  • Winn-Dixie crosses into the overgrown yard.
  • Stevie claims the witch will eat Winn-Dixie. Opal tells him to shut up, but she can't help being worried.
  • Winn-Dixie won't come out. Opal decides losing Winn-Dixie is scarier than facing a witch, so she enters the gate (after calling the boys "bald-headed babies," of course) (9.13).
  • Deep in the jungle of the witch's yard, she hears someone laughing and sees Winn-Dixie literally eating from the witch's hand. Delicious peanut butter!
  • Opal sees that the "witch" has wrinkled brown skin and a big flowered hat and she doesn't look like a witch at all. In fact, thinks Opal, "She look[s] nice" (9.22).
  • Introductions all around: the old lady is Gloria Dump (too bad for her, right?); Opal is Opal Buloni (and kids called her Lunch Meat at school sometimes); and Winn-Dixie, yes, is named after the grocery store.
  • Then Gloria Dump makes Opal a peanut butter sandwich, and they all happily eat peanut butter together.
  • Gloria Dump admits to Opal that she can't see very well, so she needs Opal to tell her everything about her, "so as I can see you with my heart" (9.40). Opal does.

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