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Because of Winn-Dixie

Because of Winn-Dixie


by Kate DiCamillo

Because of Winn-Dixie Chapter 21 Summary

  • Party prep time! Opal and Gloria decide to have an evening par-tay, when it's cooler outside. (Those of you Shmoopers who live in the South will know what they're talking about.)
  • They spend an entire afternoon making egg salad sandwiches. And where is Winn-Dixie in all of this? Smiling and wagging his tail while he watches and eats egg salad bites from Gloria. Talk about bad doggy breath.
  • They also make Dump Punch with all kinds of fruit juices and soda. Sounds almost as good as Dump Cake, one of Shmoop's personal faves.
  • They decorate the yard to look "like a fairyland" with crepe paper and candles in paper bags (21.7). It looks so good, Opal wishes her mother could come to the party to see it.
  • Miss Franny Block shows up in a green fancy-shmancy dress and high heels that make her totter. She brings a glass bowl of Littmus Lozenges to contribute to the party. Hey, we told you she had a desk full.
  • Sweetie Pie and her mom show up. (We're a little relieved to know that she does actually have parents, since she constantly seems to be wandering around alone.)
  • Sweetie Pie tapes pictures of dogs everywhere, to help with the theme, of course.
  • Mrs. Thomas (Sweetie Pie's mom) jets, asking Opal to walk Sweetie Pie home at the end.
  • The preacher walks in, wearing a coat and tie. Ooh la la.
  • Amanda arrives with her hair in curls. She's shy, but Opal is extra nice and really glad to see her. Shocking!
  • Finally, Otis shows up with Gertrude the Bird. Opal hears them, because Gertrude the Bird is chatting away on his shoulder. But she doesn't see them anywhere.
  • Finally, Opal and Winn-Dixie find Otis and Gertrude in front of the house. Otis has his guitar on his back and a huge jar of pickles. Opal assures him pickles are the perfect addition to an egg salad sandwich party.
  • After a lot of coaxing, he follows her into the back.

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