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Internet Safety and Ethics
Internet Safety and Ethics

Internet Safety and Ethics Activity: The Golden Rule Goes Online: Preventing and Stopping Cyberbullying

Instructions for Your Students

What's Going on Today

Being a good online citizen is not just about deleting your cookies – it's about being one tough cookie and treating others online with the respect that you would give them in person. Check out what cyberbullying looks like and think about how you may have seen this in your own life. Finally, get your act on, and work with your friends to put on skits that show how every student can fight back against cyberbullying.


When your instructor asks you to go to the websites below, open them in your browser.

Internet Safety 101 webpage on cyberbullying. Read the page and watch the video, then answer the following questions:

  1. What is cyberbullying? 
  2. Have you ever cyberbullied anyone? Has anyone ever cyberbullied you?
  3. Have you ever seen someone else be cyberbullied? Did you do anything to stop it? If not, what could you have done? 
  4. What percentage of teenagers report being cyberbullied in the last year? 
  5. What are the different kinds of cyberbullying listed on the website? What do they each mean? What technology do students use to cyberbully? 
  6. Why can it sometimes be easier to bully people over phones and the Internet than in person? 
  7. In the video, what does the teenage girl say that other people have done when they hacked into her accounts, using her password? 
  8. What does one boy do when he goes into the bathroom, to bully a classmate? What were the consequences? 
  9. What are some things that you and your parents can do to keep track of the information that results from cyberbullying? 
  10. What can students do to get help from cyberbullying?

CNN's report on Hope Witsell's suicide. Watch the video and answer the following questions:

  1. What did Hope send to her boyfriend? 
  2. What did another girl do with what Hope sent? How would you feel if someone did this to you? 
  3. What did Hope's mother warn her about? Why do you think Hope didn't listen?
  4. What did bullies do to Hope? 
  5. Why do you think Hope kept quiet about the bullying?
  6. What did bullies write about Hope in the Shields Middle School Burn Book? Have you ever seen stuff like that online?
  7. How did Hope's friends try to help her? Is there something more they could have done?
  8. Why did Hope commit suicide? 
  9. Do Hope's parents blame her school for her death? Why? 
  10. What did Hope's sister find online after Hope's death? 
  11. Do you know anybody who has ever been cyberbullied like this, or in other ways? If you feel comfortable, share the story. What did you do? If you could go back, what would you do differently?

The Beehive. Read the article, but skip the video.