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Using Internet Browsers and Email

Using Internet Browsers and Email Activity: Browser Basics: The Places You'll "Go" and the Pop-Ups You'll Block

Instructions for Your Students

Sure, a browser is someone who, when a sales clerk asks, "Can I help you find anything?" replies with, "No, thank you. I'm just browsing." But that's not the kind of browser we want to talk about today.

Instead, we're going to talk about the browser on your computer. The one you use to browse the world wide web. Even if you've already used it a thousand times (or more), there may be a few features you don't fully understand. So let's increase that understanding. 

Step 1: So... what is a browser, anyway? Offer up your best definition and see if anyone can top it. Then give a few examples. What browsers do you know? Which one is the best? Why?

Step 2: Let's take a look at the anatomy of a browser, using this handy handout called (what else?) the "Anatomy of a Browser." Open up the browser on your computer and compare it. Then take a few minutes to fill out the sheet.

Step 3: As a class, walk through each of the features of a browser. During the discussion, go ahead and try out each features on your browser as you discuss it.

When you get to bookmarks, be sure to bookmark Shmoop's Digital Literacy homepage (www.shmoop.com/teachers/digital-literacy/), so you can easily access it every class period.

Now you're ready to browse the Internet... which means you're going to have to deal with pop-up ads.

Step 4: Are you familiar with pop-up ads? If so, help your classmates explain what they are (and why they're annoying). 

Step 5: Now let's learn how to block pop-up ads. When your instructor asks you to, click the link for instructions on blocking pop-ups in the browser you're using:

Step 6: Once you've followed the instructions, test your work on this sketchy website loaded with pop-ups: Surf the Channel. How did you do? Did you block the pop-up ad?