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Using Internet Browsers and Email

Using Internet Browsers and Email Activity: Using Email and Google Docs

Instructions for Your Students

What's Going on Today

It's a Google world we live in. Google is one of the biggest digitalzillas out there (and they're native to the San Francisco Bay Area, just like Shmoop). Between providing free email with almost unlimited storage space (that's right, you never have to throw away another picture you sneak and email from fbk) and access to shared Google Docs, Google certainly has your number. Think about what you might use email for and from what handle you'd want your parents or teachers getting your messages. Figure out how to get free email access and how you can get your work on with your classmates on Google Docs.

Student Instructions

When your instructor asks you to, open these links in your browser:


How To Set Up A Gmail Account. Watch the video, then create your own Gmail account.

Tech Goes Home tutorial for Google Docs. Watch the video and make your own Google documents.

Google Docs: A love letter.