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Character Analysis

The young hero of the story, D’Artagnan begins the novel as a rather penniless boy from Gascony coming to Paris to make his fortune. After a few false starts, we learn that he’s great with a sword, that he has a great deal of pride, and a propensity to fall in love easily. This is his coming-of-age story, and we see him mature from a trigger happy young man to an intelligent, focused young man who still needs mentors (Tréville and Athos) to guide him. By the end of the novel, he is well on his way to a brilliant military career.

Although D’Artagnan is shown to be a very honest character, this trait is thrown into question with his treatment of Milady and her maid Kitty. He manipulates both of them heartlessly, arguing that it’s all in the name of eventually finding his true love, Constance.

What do you think? Is D’Artagnan a heartless playboy or is Milady just that seductive? How should he have behaved with respect to Kitty?

D’Artagnan Timeline
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