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To the Lighthouse

To the Lighthouse


by Virginia Woolf

To the Lighthouse Part 2, Chapter 9 Summary

  • The house is deserted. We get a description of just how deserted: swallows have built nests in the drawing room.
  • After Mrs. McNab boarded the place up, only the beam from the Lighthouse seems to penetrate the house’s walls.
  • There’s some hypothesis of further degeneration that the house could undergo, but it doesn’t.
  • One of the young ladies wrote to Mrs. McNab to get the house ready. Mrs. McNab and her friend Mrs. Bast went and started cleaning. Mrs. Bast’s son caught the rats.
  • Builders made repairs.
  • Mrs. Bast and Mrs. McNab gossip for a bit, saying that the family will find the house all changed.
  • [Lily and Mr. Carmichael come by the same train in September.]

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